S Ganga Prasath

Visiting Faculty at IIT Madras

I am currently a visiting faculty in the Department of Applied Mechanics at Indian Institute of Technology Madras. I am interested in problems at the interface of robotics, behaviour and soft-matter. To this end I build laboratory scale physical realizations, perform experiments and construct mathematical models to gain insights into the particular problem.

Outside work, I have a set of projects that I keep busy with that can be accessed through the projects page.

Write to me if you are interested in collaborating or would like to know more about any of these topics.


"Rheomergy: Collective behavior mediated by active flow-based recruitment" is now published in Proc. Roy. Soc. A (read the arXiv version here).

"The physical intelligence of ant and robot collectives" appears in SEAS highlights.

"Learning the rules of cooperation from ants to make collaborative robots" appears in MCB highlights.

How can robots perform cooperative construction without central control?
Look at our recent: "Collective phototactic robotectonics", available now on arXiv.